Jul 06, 2020 · The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is the nodal authority for monitoring the cyber space in India. 40 Websites Banned SFJ Blocked Pro-Khalistan Group Sikh for Justice Sikh Referendum 2020

Oct 26, 2016 · Update: And yet again there are hundreds of more sites have been blocked in India, including popular porn sites like Pornhub and Xvideos. Right now, people are saying that the sites are prominently banned on Jio network, but actually the ban is in response to a directive by Department of Telecom, reports PTI. Over 800 websites have been banned. Jul 05, 2020 · Govt blocks 40 websites of banned group Sikh For Justice. The SFJ pushed for Sikh Referendum 2020 as part of its separatist agenda. It openly espouses the cause of Khalistan and in that process Jul 01, 2020 · “Incidentally today India banned TikTok; that means the biggest TikTok creator is out of business in a fraction of second just like 100 million+ other TikTokers. Aug 03, 2015 · India appears to have banned porn, ordering internet companies to turn off access to adult websites, dating pages and pornographic blogs. Internet users trying to access the pages over the weekend These are crucial for protecting your identity while unblocking websites. Best VPNs to unblock sites in India. We evaluated many of the top VPNs on the market using the criteria listed above. The winners are outlined below, each provider delivering the best combination of features you need to access blocked sites in India. 1. ExpressVPN

Jan 08, 2019

Hamburgers are made of the red meat; the red meat is banned in India. so, the Hamburgers are banned in-order to apply the ban law. So, way of life in India and the spot given to creatures, particularly dairy animals were reinforced by restricting meat in India. Govt blocks 40 websites of banned pro-Khalistan group Govt blocks 40 websites of banned pro-Khalistan group Sikhs For Justice india Updated: Jul 05, 2020 20:09 IST Banned: Complete list of 857 porn websites blocked in India

Use a VPN in the browser. You can use your VPN to access blocked sites. Here’s what you need to …

Over three months after the Indian government banned hundreds of porn websites, internet users from across the country are reporting blocked access to a wide variety of other online services.These Top 100 Indian News Websites on the Web | India News Sites