Then, the Debian Linux packages (both source and images), starting with version 2.4.21, included a backport of the KAME kernel IPsec API from the 2.5 series of Linux. This presented a problem for those users of Debian Woody using FreeS/WAN; the packages in Woody did not support the new API. The only possible solution was to use the kernel-patch

ipsec - Connect to a Fortinet VPN with Ubuntu - Server Fault Fortinet is just an IPSEC VPN server - you don't specifically need their client to connect to it. The IPSEC HOWTO details a list of various options you have for setting up a Linux VPN client. There are also a few commercial linux IPSec clients such as Shrewsoft. Debian/Jessie: Easiest way to connect to VPN (Ipsec) For connecting to an IPsec VPN as a client, vpnc is quite easy to install and use. Our Linux users use it to connect to our PfSense IPsec VPNs. For installing it: sudo apt-get install vpnc To configure it, for instance, an IPsec VPN with PSK+Xauth authentication:

Oct 28, 2010 · According to this URL there should be a Cisco VPN client for Mac and Linux. But when I go through the download menus I see only an IPsec client for Windows. I found an article that says some versions of Mac come with a Cisco VPN client built-in. Is there a place where you can download the Linux a

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Oct 28, 2010

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