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App and website has been down all night any idea when that may be fixed? @sprint @TMobile. May 10, 2020 7:15 AM. heaven @ireneee33. sprint better fix there shit & get it together omfg bro. May 10, 2020 7:09 AM. Zuri @azuragregory. Sprint is so trash that mf shit could be lagging WHILE on my WiFi. Sprint is killing off Virgin Mobile USA, and Virgin is Jan 07, 2020

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Network down - Boost Mobile Community - 98997 Currently experience network outage in Dallas can send receive texts and calls no data connectivity Have done the ##72786# reconnect and update profile and PRL to no avail. How Do I Report a Boost Mobile Service Outage? Disruptions often occur when Boost Mobile has scheduled maintenance on its network infrastructure. They may also occur due to hardware problems. There may be scheduled maintenance when Boost Mobile is trying to upgrade its infrastructure. It typically lasts a few hours. You can learn about a scheduled Boost Mobile Maintenance on their help desk. Questions and answers about Boost network, outages, coverage