Apr 14, 2017 · 1. The Antonine Wall was around 37 miles long. Running from Old Kilpatrick on the west coast to near Bo’ness in the east, the Antonine Wall was around 37 miles (60km) long and crosses five modern local authorities. It would take you around 12 hours to walk the whole length of the wall! 2. It wasn’t what you’d think of as a “wall”

The Antonine Wall was a much less impressive structure than Hadrian’s Wall. It was 39 miles long and was built from turf and wood, on a base of stones. A deep ditch and a military road ran alongside the fortification and the wall was protected by a series of forts. The Antonine Wall - did you know Apr 14, 2017 THE 10 CLOSEST Hotels to Antonine Wall Bearsden Bath House

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The resulting Antonine Wall stretched for 37 miles (59 km) along the narrow isthmus between the estuaries of the Rivers Forth and Clyde. Within two decades, however, the Antonine Wall was abandoned in favour of Hadrian’s Wall, which continued in use nearly until the end of Roman rule in Britain (410).

Walking the Antonine Wall | Journey To Scotland Although the wall originally ran for 63 kms from the River Forth in the east to the River Clyde in the west, it is not as complete as its English counterpart further south. Nonetheless, sufficient portions remain to make for an enjoyable walk. Course of the Antonine Wall near Bar Hill Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Chris Wimbush Some History