How to Set up Hulu in Canada in 2019 on Apple Devices. On Apple devices, to set Up Hulu in Canada, you will need to have the Hulu app as you can’t watch from your browser, unless you of course watch from your Mac. To do that, here are the steps you need to follow: Sign out of your iCloud. Make a new iCloud account with your location in the US.

The read this guide and learn how to watch Hulu shows in Canada with the help of a VPN. Use PureVPN for only $0.99 today to watch Hulu in Canada and avoid lockdown stress. Get PureVPN . 31-Day Money Back Guarantee. How to Watch Hulu in Canada? The streaming service is not available in the US directly. However, with the right tools, you can How many people can watch Hulu at the same time? May 27, 2020 Why can't I use Hulu internationally? Dec 09, 2019 So when's Hulu supposed to be coming? : canadacordcutters May 22, 2013

Jul 19, 2020

Why Can’t I Watch Hulu (Plus) In Canada? You cannot watch in Canada (or anywhere else other than the US), or stream/watch any of their content because of their ‘IP identification’ system. This ‘IP-ID’ system can determine the geographical location of people trying to access their website. How to get Hulu Plus in Canada | Oct 15, 2014

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